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Lease Options

Contract Hire
The leasing of cars and vans, over a set period (generally 2-5 years) and mileage. The montlhy rental and van lease is determined by the cost of the vehicle, length of contract, mileage and predicted residual value. Maintenance packages can also be included. At the end of the contract the vehicle is collected by the contract hire company.

Finance Lease
This is a VAT free method of financing a van (and car), and is generally used for business. The monthly rental is determined by the vehicle cost, the initial deposit, interest rate and final payment (balloon) which is optional but does keep the monthly rentals down. This method is 100% tax deductible and we can tailor the quotes on the amount of deposit that you want to put down (from £0 down), contract length and balloon.

Lease Purchase
A way of funding your Vehicle, generally for businesses or companies. The price per month is determined by the cost, length of contract and the estimated future value of the vehicle. The estimated future value is paid at the end of the contract and the vehicle then becomes the property of the customer.